a flock of many colours

Our Flock

Meet our Flock


Here at the Angry Birds Activity Park in Puerto Rico our flock members work hard to ensure your visit is great fun and packed with action.

Our flock consists of 5 different teams.

The cleaning team, a critical part of our team, makes sure the park is clean, disinfected and kept in order.

The shop and reservations team greets you on arrival makes sure that you have all the information you need to fully enjoy the park’s features and attractions.

The snack bar team makes sure their delicious food and beverages keep you refreshed and your energy levels high, so you can play the day away.

The activities and birthday team is responsible for making sure that your day at the park or your Birthday celebration is one you’ll never forget.

The maintenance team is responsible for the safety and upkeep of the park’s activities and surrounding aeas.

Most of our Flock members speak Spanish and English and are always happy to help

Key words that define our Flock

Helpful, Fun, Exciting, Colourful, Positive, Active, Reliable, Responsible, Happy, Honest, Respectful, Efficient, Committed


Angry Birds Flock Characters

The Angry Birds characters you come into contact with through your adventure across the Angry Birds Activity Park are an interesting bunch, so let’s get familiar with the main characters of the Flock.

Our Flock


The leader of the Angry Birds Flock and most responsible member, Red sums up the group perfectly with his grumpy demeanour and defiant attitude that fuels his fight against the pigs. With his best friends Chuck and Bomb, as well as the rest of his flock of angsty airborne assailants, Red has led many assaults against the Piggy Kingdom, in order to save the precious bird eggs from the stomach of King Pig.

Our Flock


Chuck is one of Red’s best friends and is a restless, enthusiastic wild roadrunner and the informal second-in-command of the Angry Birds troupe, and quite possibly the fastest bird in the world. His super-speed abilities to do anything from stopping time, to manifesting miraculous air boosts, makes him an invaluable member of Red’s Flock, and his mischievous nature cements him as a fan favourite too.

Our Flock


Raised by pigs, Silver starts out as an outcast among the Angry Birds crew, thanks mainly to her acting more like one of the snouted mammals who Red’s flock are striving to take down, but thanks to her can-do attitude and helpful mid-air looping ability, these days she’s an established member of the gang. Her ability consists of slamming to the ground vertically and cause an earthquake when in contact with a stone block.

Our Flock


Matilda is the most caring and the least aggressive of the Angry Birds by far, but that doesn’t make her useless. In fact, Matilda is one of the better weapons against the Piggy Kingdom, with her special ability to lay explosive eggs all over the hideouts standing in her way. She’s also married to Terence, and acts motherly and caring for the Blues, Jim, Jake, and Jay.

our Flock

The Blues

Known collectively as the Blues, Jim, Jake, and Jay are a trio of Angry Birds youngest and most daring triplets who attack as one, flying as a collective before releasing into a cluster that hits three different targets. Despite the bags under each of their eyes, the Blues are a lively bunch, adding a good bit of youthful energy to the grumpy Angry Birds gang.

our flock


Leonard, also known as King Mudbeard, is a bearded pig who leads the other green pigs in stealing the eggs. He is kind, dizzy, selfless, meek, sweet, intelligent, wise, and silly but mean, evil, and power-hungry. Take an international ambassador, and combine it with a used car salesman, that’s Leonard. He is charming and charismatic, he speaks with confidence and enthusiasm, and he just might be full of baloney, depending on who you ask. But with a personality like that, you can’t help but fall for his charm.

our flock


Stella is teenage pink bird who enjoys independence and freedom. Stella channels her vengeance into her special bubble attack that traps pigs and objects in bubbles.

Our Flock


The most short-tempered and explosive of the Angry Birds, with the least imagination in their name, Bomb is a trusted friend of Red and a consistent member of the team. With his destructive powers, he’s one of the most well-equipped to take down strongholds and fortresses, and his fitting short-fuse attitude makes him even more of a danger to the short-snouted inhabitants of the Piggy Kingdom.

Our Flock


Terence is a big and brutal red bird that can crush stones. As the strongest avian of the core Angry Birds crew, Terence is the last thing an unsuspecting pig wants to see rain down on them. He’s also the archetypal strong but silent type, hardly ever dipping into conversation with Red and the rest of the flock, but he’s shown his heart a few times over the long history of Angry Birds titles.

Our Flock


All Hatchlings are very short in nature, each with two-toed feet and tiny hands on each side of them. They also have huge eyes and a small beak, each depending on the design of said hatchling. All the personalities of the Hatchlings vary, but have this in common; they are mischievous, curious, rambunctious, adventurous, but cute little Angry Birds.

Our Flock

Ross - Freckles

Originally and informally known as Freckles, Ross the pig is one of the most frequently recurring characters in Angry Birds, acting as a stand-in for any common pig, and almost always ending up worse for wear thanks to Red’s flock.