Access Rules

People may be prevented from accessing the Angry Birds Activity Park and, where appropriate, from staying at the park:

  • When the established capacity has been reached.
  • When the park’s closing time has been exceeded.
  • When the person who intends to access the park has not paid the entrance.
  • When the person who wants to access the park does not meet the specific admission conditions.
  • When the person who intends to access the park, or is inside it, shows violent attitudes, especially when he behaves in an aggressive way, causes altercations, or manifests a behaviour and attitude clearly contrary to a coexistence and proper use of the facilities.
  • When the person who intends to access, carries weapons or similar objects, unless, they are members of the Security Forces, Security guards in custody of goods, exercising their duties.
  • When people wear clothing or symbols that incite violence, racism, or xenophobia.
  • When the person who wants to access, creates situations of danger or inconvenience to other visitors, or does not meet the minimum hygiene conditions. Especially, people who are using drugs, narcotic, or psychotropic substances, or who show symptoms of having consumed them, and those who show obvious signs or behaviour of being under the effects of alcohol, drugs, or a substance of a similar nature.


Specific admission conditions

People will not be able to access or stay in the park:

  • Whose clothing may cause a dangerous situation in the attractions or may cause an unhealthy situation in the park or restaurant.
  • Accompanied by animals, except for people accompanied by guide dogs.
  • If they bring food or drinks (except for water) to be consumed inside the park.
  • That prevent the use of photographic cameras, video recorders or sound recorders.



With respect to minors, a series of access and stay limitations are established, therefore, it is prohibited

  • the use of activities that require height and / or minimum age for their use.
  • the sale or supply of alcoholic beverages.