Our Park

Stay and Play

with a total surface of 5.000 m2, the park is designed for the use and fun of both children and adults, allowing you to do as much or as little as you choose, and new ways to cool down with our Splash zone

All the activities are included in the ticket price (apart from our 10D cinema) and you can use everything as many times as you desire, including the mini golf. Our amazing 10D cinema shows different films every hour, tickets cost 2€ per person or 3 tickets for just 5€ which you can buy on entrance to the park.

Ticket entrance is valid for one full day giving freedom to come and go as you please.

Children 2 years and under are free of charge.

You’ll find us right next to the main bus stop in Puerto Rico

A great way for the whole family to have fun together!

We highly recommend bringing comfortable clothes, sports shoes, sun hats, sun cream, flipflops, swimwear, a towel, and socks (for those activities that do not permit the use of footwear).

We don’t allow the consumption of food or drink bought outside the premises except for water, but with your ticket entrance you can leave and enter as many times as you wish.

the park
2. Mini Golf

Play like a Champion

all ages

Fun for the whole family on our 10-hole mini golf course.

Three different sizes of clubs and colourful golf balls that can be collected from our shop. Free of charge.

the park
4. Ticket office and Shop

Gifts that make you Happy

Our shop is full of unique Angry Birds branded gifts.

Don’t know what to buy for a special occasion? We have the gift they will never forget!

the park
5. Snack-Bar

Fun and Tasty

International and tasty foods that supply the necessary energy to run around, climb, jump, and enjoy all our activities.

Our shaded terrace is fitted with a water mist cooling system.

the park
Recycle station

Let's recycle

all ages

Reduce, reuse and recycle. Turn trash into treasure and use our recycle containers.

the park
6. Birthday Room

A Birthday they will never forget

Play the whole day in a unique and safe environment, with a special room to lunch and unwrap the birthday presents.

Check out our competitive birthday pack options.

the park
7. Cinema 10D

Plunge into the World of Virtual Reality

all ages

A sea of positive emotions. Volumetric 3D image. Special glasses, and seats that repeat the movements. DolbyDigital sound creating an illusion of reality. 2€ per person.

the park
9. Soft Ball Shooting

Anyone can do this

all ages

Are you a real shooter and do you have a perfect aim? Can you maintain your focus? A challenging competition for the whole family.

the park
10. Ball Pool

Submerge in a Pool of Colours

all ages

Slide down in a pool of soft and colourful balls. Play with your friends or make new friends.

Safe and perfect for even the smallest ones. An excellent sensory stimulating activity.

the park
11. X-Wave

Ride the Wave

all ages

A challenging wave to ride. Improves coordination, and a lot of giggles when you lose your balance. Mummy or Daddy can help to hop on.

the park
12. Giant Swing

Cool and Exciting WoW Factor

all ages

No more fighting as multiple kids can swing at the same time.

A great and safe activity that stimulates excitement and interaction for the entire group

the park
13. Stella's Tower

Exercise & Fun

all ages

Stella’s watching over you to climb up and slide down without any trouble. Her smooth and round corners prevent from hands getting hurt.

the park
14. Splash Zone

Lots of Water Play Fun

all ages

Our Splash area not only refreshes the little ones. Brightly coloured water play equipment including fountains and sprinklers for kids and parents to enjoy. A brilliant way to cool down.

the park
17. Chuck's Bridge

Become a Jungle Explorer

all ages

Become imaginary jungle explorers on this thrilling bridge. Develops balance and coordination and promotes pretend play.

the park
18. King Pig's Fortress

Multi Activity

all ages

Slide, climb, jump, crawl, hang, swing, learn and laugh at this multi-activity fortress. The stretching, reaching, swinging, pulling, and pushing enhances awareness of the body.

the park
19. Pedal Cars

The Best Ride

all ages

A safe way to drive, even for the younger chauffeurs. Sit on someone’s lap if you cannot reach the pedals. Keep distance; it’s not a bumping car.

the park
20. Zip Lines

Ready to Fly

all ages

A great activity for parents and their kids. A ziplining adventure with memories to cherish and stories to share.

the park
21. Sports and Foam Party area

Let's Dive in

all ages

Brilliant fun piling foam on your head, create a new hairdoor or just stand underneath the canon, watching your kids having the time of their lives.

the park
22. Sutu Wall Ball

Classic Goal in New Design

all ages

Interactive ball wall with LED panels that register ball contact using vibration sensors. Different levels that are challenging for all players, from beginner to advanced.

the park
23. Climbing Wall

Hang On!

all ages

The ideal place to challenge yourself with a variety of routes, catering for novices through experienced climbers.

the park
24. Bag Jump

Pure Adrenaline Rush

age 5+

No fizziness in the legs when looking down? Go huge on the high platform, or practise your first jump on the lower platform. Important to land on your bum. No head dives or belly flops permitted.

the park
25. Parkour Air Track

Let's Bounce

all ages

The air mat that provides a soft-landing surface and shock absorption. Work on your tumbling skills, tricking skills, or just bounce by using the surrounded accessories. Perfect for skilled gymnasts or power tumblers to practice, and for young beginners who want to get better.

the park
26. Panna Soccer

Football is Life; Panna is Art

all ages

It’s football, but not as you know it! Find your opponents amongst our Angry Birds visitors.

Are you the new Messi, Mbappé, Ronaldo, Salah, De Bruyne, Kane, De Gea, Silva, Haaland, or Benzema?

the park
27. Space mine

From outer space

all ages

No worries, it doesn’t explode. Perfectely safe to climb this mine.

It’s not only fun to climb your way to the top, but it also boosts physical skills such as balance, hand and foot coordination and agility.

the park
Super Trampolines

Taking Fun to a New Height

all ages

Trampolining is an energetic and fun activity. The thrill of jumping on a trampoline gives a sense of adventure to kids. Hop on the trampoline and enjoy being air-bound and then falling back. 

the park
29. Scooter Ramp

Fun & Versatile

all ages

Provides hours of fun and development.
Simply rolling along gives a thrill and gets the blood pumping.

Being adept at steering, kicking, balancing, and breaking simultaneously improves coordination.

the park
Water Mist

Refresh Yourself

An environmentally friendly way to cool yourself down on hot summer days. 

the park
Sling Shot

The famous Angry Birds Slingshot is the main weapon the birds use in order to attack the pigs. Can be used for picture-taking.

the park
V.I.P. Area

Your Own Place

Exclusive use of our VIP terrace with 16 seats, overlooking the park, and fitted with a water mist cooling system to provide thermal relief on hot days (not included in the entrance price).


Fun & Tasty

Our snack-bar offers international and tasty foods that supply the necessary energy to run around, climb, jump, and enjoy all our activities. The menu ranges from sandwiches, snacks, salads, smooties, burgers, wraps, cold and hot drinks, and much more that can be enjoyed on our shaded terrace which is provided with a water mist cooling system.

We don’t allow the consumption of food or drink bought outside the premises except for water but with your ticket entrance you can leave and enter as many times as you wish.

Angry Birds Activity Park

Food Allergies and Intolerances

The information on allergens is based on data provided by our suppliers based on the technical data sheet of the food. However, the possible presence of other allergens due to cross-contamination during the food preparation processes both in the factory and in our Snack-Bar cannot be totally excluded. Exceptionally and temporarily there may be variations in the composition of a certain product and, therefore, the data may not coincide with the data provided by the supplier. Food allergies can have serious health consequences. For this reason, Angry Birds Activity Park Gran Canaria recommends that you inform our staff at the park entrance of any allergies or food intolerances of which you have been made aware by your specialist doctor.

IMPORTANT: If there are doubts about the ingredients of a food, it is better not to consume it.



Choose the special menu for children and get a free Angry Birds sticker.

Choose the special menu for adults and enter into the prize draw for a week’s acommodation in a 1-bedroom apartment for max. 4 persons.


Our Flock

We Are More Than Just a Team!


Key words that define our Flock

Helpful, Fun, Exciting, Colourful, Positive, Active, Reliable, Responsible, Happy, Honest, Respectful, Efficient, Committed

Our flock members work hard to ensure your visit is great fun and packed with action.

Our flock consists of 5 different teams.

The cleaning team, a critical part of our team, makes sure the park is clean, disinfected and kept in order.

The shop and reservations team greets you on arrival makes sure that you have all the information you need to fully enjoy the park’s features and attractions.

The snack bar team makes sure their delicious food and beverages keep you refreshed and your energy levels high, so you can play the day away.

The activities and birthday teams are responsible for making sure that your day at the park or your Birthday celebration is one you’ll never forget.

The maintenance team is responsible for the safety and upkeep of the park’s activities and surrounding areas.

Most of our Flock members speak Spanish and English and are always happy to help.


Turn Trash into Treasure

the park

Help Us Recycle




Help Us Recycle


Turn Trash Into Treasure